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Hugh Campbell Exhibit at the Warden’s House of the Burlington County Historic Prison Museum

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(1905 – 1997)
Exhibit is ongoing and can be viewed upstairs of the Warden’s House Gallery

MOUNT HOLLY IN THE MID-20TH CENTURY THROUGH THE EYES OF HUGH H. CAMPBELL – Hugh H. Campbell was a man of many talents. He expressly captured his own view of Mount Holly via his paintbrush. He was an artist, published author, and philosopher who lived an extremely minimalistic life. Sometimes called the “Van Gogh of Mount Holly”, Hugh Campbell was a man who painted voraciously and then lined his canvases in front of a wall on High Street to sell. See select works from the Hugh H. Campbell Collection.  

History of the Warden’s House

  • Originally the warden’s living quarters were within the prison walls, but by the late 1800s the prison population had grown to a point where it was necessary to provide separate housing for the warden and his family.
  • The warden’s house was completed in 1888.
  • The warden had immediate access to the prison via a walkway (or bridge) between the two buildings on the second floor. The walkway can be seen during a Prison Museum tour.
  • Restoration of the Warden’s House was completed in 2011 and is now the permanent home of the Hugh Campbell Collection.